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Version 26 Archibus Space (AMSPv26)

This interactive course is designed to teach users to manage their space and occupancy using the Archibus version 26 Space module. Users will be instructed in setting up Buildings and Floors as well as Occupancy, Chargeback, and managing Moves in their Space.

This course should take approximately 4 hours

Users should have an understanding of the Archibus Fundamentals prior to taking this course.

Platform: Archibus

  • ASM100 - Introduction to Archibus Space
  • ASM101 - Room Standards, Categories, and Types
  • ASM102 - Archibus Employee Standards and Employees
  • ASM103 - Defining Space Requirements
  • ASM104 - Archibus Space Inventories
  • ASM105 - Archibus Chargeback
  • ASM106 - Moves - Defining Background Data
  • ASM107 - Moves - Requesting to Completion
  • ASM108 - AI V26 Space Knowledge Assessment
  • Training Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "ASM108 - AI V26 Space Knowledge Assessment"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever